Say hello to your first look of one of our new products from our BLACKOUT range! BLACKOUT, a removal from the ordinary. With the sleek black jar and walnut lid, this soy candle is mysterious from the start. The earthy scent range combined with double wood wick has BLACKOUT on a shelf of its own.

Essential Oil Candle

Our Essential Oil Candles are an alternative way to scent your space naturally.

They are hand made using a blend of soy and coconut wax then infused with our own blends of essential oils.

Gemstone Candle


Our Gemstone Infused Candles are the perfect gift, all are handcrafted with a premium soy wax around an untreated wooden wick, which produces a crackling sound as it burns. Each Candle is a unique creation, infused

with one of a kind gemstone on top, which will be intuitively selected for each customer by the creator.


The Candle comes complete with a brief description of the gemstones' vibrational properties on the inside of the lid.

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